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Portsea is an island on the southcoast, the only offshore city of England, home to the Royal Navy and birthplace of well known figures including Charles Dickens, Isambard Kingdom Brunel and James Watson Gieve. The Portsea typeface is graded to acknowledge characteristics to the islands inherent identity.



Portsea Regular
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Portsea Regular Italic
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2.At 15 years of age J. W. Gieve was apprenticed to Augustus Meredith, father of novelist George Meredith and naval tailor since 1785, with notable clientele Navy commanders including Admiral Lord Nelson.
3.   For over 100 years Gieve and his decedents provided royal naval tailoring and outfitting services at the city of Portsmouth. In 1852, the neighbouring tailor Joseph Galt at 110 High Street, went into partnership with Gieve after acquiring the tailoring business of Meredith.
4.  Gieve & Co. Naval & Army Outfitters established at 111 High Street alongside Humphrey E. & Co. Milliners and G.W. Vick, Tailors and Outfitters and opersite the fashionable George Hotel. All buildings were later demolished, yet today 110 remains a passage way to the masonic Phoenix Lodge, which at that time was accessable via a tunnel. One member of the lodge was Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle.

Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth.
ca 1212.
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Portsmouth Cathedral, High St, Old Portsmouth, Portsmouth.
Chapel founded in 1180.
Architects John Crawley & Joseph Hansom, 1896.
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5. After studying at Portsmouth Eye Hospital, the Scotsman writer and physician Arthur Conan Doyle settled at Portsmouth in the June of 1882, to set-up his own medical practice. Drawing on his fictional penmanship, he gave raise to detective Sherlock Holmes, whom was to become the most magnificent literary character ever known.
6.  Doyle did not follow a particular faith, yet he did publicise himself a spiritualist within the 1887 issue of Light, the journal of the London Spiritualistic Alliance. He published many books on the practice and co-founded the Hampshire Society for Psychical Research. He was also a member of London’s Ghost Club and believed to have made telepathical contact with the departed, notably via wireless radio-phone.


Portsea Regular numerals
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Portsea RegularItalic numerals
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7.The D. G. M. typeface entitled Portsea is not a revival design and rejects unassociated typographic classification. Portsea is entirely uppercase, includes an italic counter-variant and is set to the Monolop Principle.
8.  Near-monolinear, the stroke axes of Portsea settles for a minute 2.7777777% dissimilitude. Less trimmed by contrast, the deepened density of a toneless spectrum is set for rapid optical reach, at varying sizes. Overemphasis is approached lightly. The common Portsea starling bird perched upon and forming the letter Q refers to the text murmurations of reading.


Portsea Regular charset (selection)
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The monograph Hydro Acoustics, refers to the 1839 Maidenhead Railway Bridge by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the distribution of arched waveforms and the typeface Oracidae. 
Gieve was also a uniform sword cutler. The grave of J. Gieve can be visited at Highland Road Cemetery, Southsea (West Central, Row 16, Grave 15). His stone reads, In Loving Memory of J. Gieve. J. P. of Portsmouth who died March 23rd 1888. Aged 67 Years. J. P. (Justice of the Peace) indicates his role as a lay magistrate.
In 1974, Gieves Ltd. acquired Hawkes & Co. and settled shop at No.1 Savile Row, Mayfair, London. Today the street hosts a concentration of traditional bespoke and made-to-measure retail tailors.
Portsmouth Cathedral has twelve bells.
Portsmouth currently has over eighty places of worship, most of which house Christian faiths.
D. G. M. is a licenced wireless radio operator with the callsign M7LLH. QSO Database
Monylop Principle